Friday, April 5, 2013

A cinquain of cinquains

Today's prompt is to write a cinquain. I tried to stick as close to the traditional cinquain rules as possible, but I think I bent them on a couple.

The last
Day of my life
Will be the happiest
For I will be returning to
My home

Click clack
Needles clash, yarn
Running over and under
Creating a fabric, a frock
Click clack

Dark days
With darker nights
Bumps in the dark jumping
Out from corners, make me yearn for

Canes And candy
Houses, frosted with snow
Tipped gumdrops lining the streets of
Santa’s town

Splish splash
In sidewalk
Puddles, waves rippling out
To ashphalt shores, soaking the air with
Spring scent


  1. That's a lot of cinquains. Nice!

    1. Haha, thanks :) I just checked out your progress, I really like "In Pursuit of Sunshine"

    2. Thank you! I have some catching up to do- what I get for signing up late. Have a good one!